Village of Shorewood passes resolution to tackle gun violence, deaths

NOW: Village of Shorewood passes resolution to tackle gun violence, deaths

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --The Wisconsin group, Common Ground, says they are trying to curb gun violence and reduce gun deaths through a resolution called “Do Not Stand Idly By,” that was passed by Shorewood’s Village Board Monday night.

Supporters say they want to send a strong message to gun manufacturers by hitting them where it hurts, their wallets.

"If we can cut down on that murder rate, people being killed, or a child accidentally shooting themselves or someone shooting someone they don't like than we are saving lives,” Shorewood resident and Common Ground member Rod DuPue said.

DePue and other members of the group say saving lives is what ultimately brought them to Shorewood Village Hall.

More than 100 jurisdictions across the country have passed "Don't Stand Idly By.”

"It's targeting gun manufacturers,” Common Ground member Laura Vuchetich said. “People talk about getting NRA out of the pockets of Congress people, but no one is talking about holding gun manufacturers accountable."

The group says they are sending a message to gun manufacturers telling them to invest in new safety technology.

“Encouraging gun manufacturers to produce a child-proof, theft-proof gun and encouraging gun manufacturers to take bigger responsibility once the product gets on the market,” Vuchetich said.

Supporters are hoping local police departments will only buy from companies that show they are making those efforts.

They call it "leveraging taxpayer money" to create change.

"If you have big purchasers of guns like the military and police throughout the United States buying quantities of guns and they say we want a smart gun that other people can't shoot than the manufacturers will start paying attention,” DePue said.

There were not any vocal opponents of the resolution at Monday night’s meeting

CBS58 reached out to several gun shops and manufacturers in the area, but none of them would comment on the resolution.

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