Village employees being trained as drone pilots in Pleasant Prairie

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (CBS 58) --  The Village of Pleasant Prairie is taking a step into the future by training first responders and public works employees to use a drone to make their jobs a little easier.

Officials hope a new drone will help departments like police and fire respond to different situations, giving them a new vantage point from above.

The village purchased the drone for $2,500 and will make it available to any department that needs it once they’re trained.

Five village employees are currently working on becoming pilots and the drone has already been used training with the fire department.

The Public Works Department, fire and police departments will all have access to the drone and Police Chief David Smetana forsees the gadget being used for a number of situations.

“Our intended use is for public works and the sites that they’re working on give them a better view of things. Definitely public safety with the fire department. To give them a better view of things. It can even be used for communications with the village,” said Chief Smetana.

The village hopes to have at least 12 employees trained to use the drone in the coming months.

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