Vigil planned for 5-year-old Kenosha boy killed by gunfire

NOW: Vigil planned for 5-year-old Kenosha boy killed by gunfire

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Neighbors surrounding the scene near the 2000 block of 60th street in Kenosha were still shaken Tuesday from a 5-year-old being killed by a bullet Monday.

“It tore me up," Louise Coy said. "And I think it tore my sister up a little bit too.”

Police know the child died from a gunshot, but have not released who pulled the trigger.

Monday, the child’s grandfather told CBS 58 news one of his two sons may have accidentally shot the boy before dropping him off at the hospital and leaving.

“Maybe they were scared to death," Curtis Cannon said. "Maybe they took him to the hospital because they realized they messed up, and they didn’t want the boy to be in pain.”

Tuesday, multiple family members told a different story. The child accidentally shot himself while a gun was left unattended.

“Even if the baby did grab a gun...what the heck is that gun doing there in the first place," neighbor Robert Herzog asked.

Staff at the Grace Lutheran church next doors bring meals to Cannon, who is in a wheelchair, and they consider him a friend of the church.

They are still working on plans to hold a vigil for the deceased child Wednesday.

The church echoed family and neighbor statements on gun safety.

“It really plays up the importance, if you are going to have firearms in the house, you need to keep them away from the children," church secretary Paul Berge said. "You need to exercise gun safety.”

Police are still investigating. The Kenosha County District Attorney's Office said they can't talk about any potential charges until that investigation is complete.

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