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Vigil Held for Man Family Says was Killed in Front of 4-Year-Old Son

We're learning more about the 24-year-old man killed on Milwaukee's northwest side.

The man has been identified as Johnathan Evans and a vigil was held in his honor this weekend.

Evans was killed on April 8th, one day after his birthday, in the 4200 block of N. 29th Street. 

"He was good. He was changing, he was my son, and somebody stole him," said Evans' mother. She believes someone targeted him because he was getting his life in order. She says she talked to him on Saturday and that one of the last things he did was take his 4-year-old shopping for clothes.

They also say - his child witnessed his own father get killed. 

"No child should be exposed to that type of behavior. To lose your parent right in front of your eyes, it doesn't make sense."

Evans' sister is Kim Zulkowski who directed the 2016 Milwaukee-based documentary 53206 which dives into the impact crime and incarceration have on that zip code. 

A 34-year-old man has been arrested and the case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office in the coming days. 

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