Vigil for shooting victim held outside Kana Mojito Club

NOW: Vigil for shooting victim held outside Kana Mojito Club

Angel Ortega's family and friends have been outside for hours, holding a vigil outside of the bar where he was killed. This was done not only to mourn his death but to also get justice.

Angel Ortega was just 20-years-old when he was killed.

His family says even though he was under age the Kana Mojito Club let him in.

The club has been closed since Ortega was shot to death outside after a fight broke out inside allegedly over a woman.

Ortega’s family members say his friends were involved but he wasn’t and was just trying to help.

His family say’s that the large crowd that gathered for the vigil shows how much he was loved.

“We are out here where his last steps were. If he never would have gotten in here he probably wouldn't have been here he probably would have been with family that loves him.”

CBS 58 has reached out to the nightclub for a statement but hasn’t heard back.

Milwaukee Police are still searching for the suspects involved in the incident.

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