Vietnam veterans honored in ceremony at Milwaukee's Veterans Park

NOW: Vietnam veterans honored in ceremony at Milwaukee’s Veterans Park

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Monday, March 29, is a special day for a specific group of our nation’s heroes.

It’s National Vietnam Veterans Day and the War Memorial Center in Milwaukee celebrated their service with a ceremony.

Some members said there was once a time when fighting in Vietnam was something to hide.

But now, they are proud of their history, their accomplishments and their service.

“I’m proud of being a Vietnam veteran. It was the best year of my life even though there was challenging times during that year," said veteran Gary Schlenvogt.

"We look at remembering different eras in our life but what people shouldn’t do is, is they shouldn’t associate the war with the warrior," said veteran Gary Wetzel. “All around here is a bunch of Vietnam vets saying thanks to each other and letting America know that we’re still here and that we’re proud Americans.”

March 29th is an important day.

It signifies when American combat troops left South Vietnam in 1973 – essentially ending the war.

It’s also a reminder that National Vietnam War Veterans Day is relatively new.

It’s been celebrated on this date since 2017.

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