Vice President Mike Pence campaigns in Eau Claire, visits Midwest Manufacturing

NOW: Vice President Mike Pence campaigns in Eau Claire, visits Midwest Manufacturing

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Vice President Mike Pence was back in Wisconsin on Thursday, Sept. 24, visiting Midwest Manufacturing in Eau Claire. 

He delivered remarks at a "Made in America" event and focused on the importance of manufacturing in the U.S. 

Ivanka Trump was in attendance at the event. It marked the third time a presidential campaign visited Wisconsin in the past week, after Joe Biden spoke to manufactering workers in Manitowoc Monday.

Pence used the stage to back police, after two officers were shot in Louisville Wednesday.

“I will tell you all here in Wisconsin, violence against law enforcement must stop, and it must stop now,” Pence said.

Democrats responded to the visit by slamming the Trump campaign on health care.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin says Wisconsin would not have record positive COVID-19 cases this week had Trump focused more on the pandemic from the beginning.

“He knew it was very serious, and then decided to downplay it," Baldwin said. "That is not being honest and straight with the American people.”

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by five points in the state according to a new UW poll.

It also showed nearly half of Biden voters (47%)  listing COVID-19 as their number one issue.

The economy was the top number one issue for Trump voters at 37%, followed by crime at 24%.

UWM professor Mordecai Lee said he thinks the candidates believe that polling because that’s what they’re speaking about in the state and in their ads.

“Joe Biden’s ads are generally about COVID," Lee said. "President Trump’s ads, it’s mostly about crime, and in part it’s about turning around the economy.”

President Trump slammed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for not holding public events Thursday.

Biden said he is using the day to prepare for Tuesday’s presidential debate.

Watch a bit of Pence's tour here: 

The VP will head to Minneapolis to participate in a "Cops for Trump" listening session focusing on law enforcement needs. 

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