Veterans visit Candy Cane Lane

WEST ALLIS-Santa called for reinforcements along Candy Cane Lane Friday night as he raised money for the MACC fund to treat childhood cancer and blood disorders.

\"We want people in the community to know there are veterans in their community,\" Vietnam Veteran Mike Malloy told CBS 58 News. \"And we want to be part of the community.\"

For 25 years, area veterans have selected a night during the Thanksgiving to December 27th run, area Vietnam Veterans join with sports team mascots to greet the carloads of families that come to see the lights and make a donation.

It is one of the most successful nights of raising money.

\"I don't quit until it's so cold it's painful!\" Declared Vietnam Veteran Bill Goralski.

If you didn't get a chance to meet the veterans on Friday, you're asked to stopped by Candy Cane Lane when you can and make a donation in the name of a Veteran who's important to you.

Candy Cane Lane is located between Oklahoma and Montana Avenues and 92nd and 96th Streets in West Allis.

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