'Very disappointing': High school football players react to Rodgers' possible departure

NOW: ’Very disappointing’: High school football players react to Rodgers’ possible departure

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Learning that Aaron Rodgers may be gone for good has been tough for high school football players aspiring to make it to that level.

Potentially losing the quarterback they’ve grown up watching is making for a difficult night.

Rockets gear and Packers jerseys filled the stands at South Milwaukee High School in a Friday night lights matchup. Those in the NFL got their start just like this when nothing but the game mattered to them.

“You guys got aspirations to go NFL?"

"Yes, 100-percent. It doesn’t really matter about the team, it just matters about whoever gives me a chance,” said Damarius Lewis, South Milwaukee High School sophomore.

Aaron Rodgers is the only Packers quarterback they’ve ever known. How do they feel about his possible departure?

“Like heartbroken maybe, I don’t know, because growing up watching him, he’s always making big plays. You look up to him,” said Daniel Kluz, South Milwaukee junior.

“I think it’s very disappointing for everybody who lives in Wisconsin because we’ve seen him play here for so long,” said Monta Beamon, South Milwaukee senior.

“He belongs at the Packers, but I think it’s okay. I mean it is what it is. If he wants to leave, he wants to leave,” said Jaden Bailey, South Milwaukee sophomore.

Student athletes wonder what’s being said behind closed doors. Their questions -1 is it money? Is it wanting to be part of a championship team? Or is it about Jordan Love? 

“He probably felt disrespected last year by them drafting a QB,” said Kluz.

“Jordan Love, he’s gonna be the future of the Packers for sure,” said Lewis.

Some expressed concern that what’s happening with Rodgers and the Packers' front office as setting a bad example.

“As far as what it’s showing the kids? Yeah, I guess it’s showing that there is some selfishness in the world, but that’s the nature of business and that’s not what we do here, that’s what they do at the pro level,” said Mark Hoffman, South Milwaukee High School football assistant coach.

While disappointed and heartbroken, students’ allegiance seems to be more so with the Packers than with Rodgers, so with or without him, they’ll still be Packers fans.

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