Vehicle submersion in Cudahy ends in fatality

An elderly woman died this morning after her car flipped into a pond at the Walnut Creek Condominiums in Cudahy.

Dive teams got the elderly woman out of her car around 8:30 AM. She was transported to a nearby hospital where she died within two hours.

Cudahy Police say Wisconsin State Patrol is still reconstructing the scene of the crash. 

The Cudahy Police Department and Fire Department responded. They requested mutual aid for an Advance Life Support Ambulance from the city of South Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Fire Department Dive Rescue Team. 

Judy Hitt lives at the condominium, she remembers looking for help after calling 911.

\"I'm in the parking lot trying to see if there's anyone around, and two guys and a truck come in, and I flagged him down and they go \"oh my God,\" and they ran down the hill and they went to the car and the lady was alive, but they couldn't get the door open,\" said Hitt.

The woman's name has not been released.

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