UW Researcher defends monkey study

A researcher from the University of Wisconsin revealed to CBS 58 News the details of a monkey test that has become the subject of controversy.

An animal rights group is suing to gain access to all records of the study, including handwritten notes, to determine if the primates are being tortured.

Eric Sandgren confirms that 20 baby monkeys will be removed their mothers and raised by a peer.

Another group of 20 will stay with their mothers.

Over the courts of a year, the monkeys will be exposed to high anxiety situation.

At the end of the study, the monkeys will be euthanized and their brains examined.

It's expected the findings will go a long way to understanding anxiety and depression in humans.

Sandgren told CBS 58 Bureau reporter David Ade the following:

\"If this study doesn't go forward and the animals aren't exposed to the circumstances they don't experience the costs. But you also lose all the potential benefit to humans.\"

He acknowledges that this has been the most controversial study he's been involved with at the school in 20 years.

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