UW-Miwaukee Faculty Voted No Confidence

On Tuesday faculty members decided to move forward with the no confidence resolution against Ray Cross, president of the University of Wisconsin System. 

They are upset at the recent decision made by Cross and the Board Regents.

They don’t agree with tenure and layoff policies that were approved without taking their requests into consideration.

They also mentioned the state budget cuts.

“At the UW System, which Ray Cross presides over, really hasn’t backed us up on that, many of the regents are appointed by the Walker government and Ray Cross has shown remarkably little leadership so many of us coming here today are very upset at the recent events,” said John Berges, Biological Sciences Professor.

Leslie Harris, professor in the Communications Department, was also one of the faculty members in attendance.

 “I think the University is being defunded, as faculty we’re being asked to do more and more things. Ultimately it’s not only faculty that’s being hurt, more importantly it’s our students who are being short changed,” she said.   

Governor Walker said in a statement before the meeting.

“Some faculty bodies, including faculty at UW-M today, appear more interested in protecting outdated ‘job for life’ tenure than about helping students get the best education possible,” said Governor Walker.  “The University should not be about protecting the interests of the faculty, but about delivering value and excellence to Wisconsin.”

Mark Mone, UWM Chancellor, presided over the meeting. He said he respects the faculty’s opinion. However, it feels this puts UWM in a tough place.

“It doesn’t help with our relationship with our relationship with the legislature, it doesn’t help with the relationship with the regents. I think President Cross understands that this is the faculty voice. It’s difficult,” Mone said.

Similar votes have already taken place and passed at UW campuses in Madison, River Falls and La Crosse.

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