UW Health creates COVID-19 vaccine dashboard

NOW: UW Health creates COVID-19 vaccine dashboard


MADISON (CBS 58) -- UW Health has created a new dashboard with information about the number of doses of the vaccine it has administered and how many it has received. 

"We get a lot of question from patients, when am I going to get vaccinated, how many people are you vaccinating, what’s your supply like, I’m a teacher, when am I gonna be able to get my vaccine," said Dr. Matt Anderson, the senior medical director for primary care at UW Health. "We wanted to give people a peek behind a curtain and say here’s the information that we have. Transparently, these are the number of people that we have that need to be vaccinated that receive their primary care from UW Health, this is the number of doses that we currently have."

The data shows that there are 22,376 people scheduled to receive their first dose of the vaccine. UW Health says there are 530 doses on-hand for those wanting their first dose. 

Anderson says this week they expect to receive 2,000 doses. 

"When I look at the dashboard, what I look at and see is 22,000 patients, 2,000 doses, eleven weeks to work through those at the current pace, and so if I’m a patient I want to know what that is. I’m hoping next week I see that supply number go up and I see that schedule number go down," he said. 

The dashboard includes vaccine doses UW Health has received; the total number of vaccines UW Health has administered, including first dose, second dose and total; number of patients currently scheduled to receive the vaccine at UW Health and total number of vaccines on-hand. 

Anderson says they continue to work with the state and other partners to find ways to get more vaccines. 

"We’re working really, really hard to get those vaccines because we have the capacity and ability to get those shots in arms and we would like to be able to use that effectively as we can for those patients."

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