Utility Crews Unearth Tosa Train History

History is unearthed in Wauwatosa as crews install a new gas main.  It's a steel railroad track with wooden ties associated with an old trolley from the late 1800s. It was the Route 10 line, the first of its kind connecting the city of Milwaukee to the suburbs.

The overall We Energies work begins around Hawley Road and goes to 67th Street and makes its way to Wisconsin Avenue.  Obviously the entire track has to be dug out before the new gas lines can be placed.

One homeowner we spoke with says she understands you can't stop progress.  But at the same time you can learn from the past.
More specifically mass transit from a time when there weren't any cars.

Both the Milwaukee and Tosa Historical Societies want a piece of the old railroad track for their collection.

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