Usual convention protests have not come to Milwaukee

NOW: Usual convention protests have not come to Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Delegates and speakers aren’t the only things missing from the 2020 convention, large scale protests haven’t materialized. 

The police department spent millions upgrading equipment, and a metal gate stretches for blocks around the city. But so far, they haven’t been used much. 

“I am protesting the DNC,” said Benjamin Lloyd, part of a small group protesting outside the Wisconsin Center. 

The group is protesting the government, and thought it was important to be out here in person. 

“It’s important to be out here personally because the government isn’t going to tune into my Zoom calls, the government is not going to tune into my Facebook live,” said Lloyd. 

“We want our fellow Americans to know that we’re here,” said fellow protester Myra Jansky. 

She is protesting a government that is taking advantage of its citizens, and ignoring climate change. 

But the group is rare. At an event that usually draws thousands of protesters for the entire week, very few are in the streets. 

“I’m very disappointed,” said Jansky, “No one here is from Milwaukee, why isn’t anyone from Milwaukee here? It’s right in your town.” 

There was a group of local protesters near the Wisconsin Center talking about racial injustice Wednesday, but the group never swelled to levels we’ve seen in recent weeks. 

But that isn’t deterring the ones who did come out. “It doesn’t matter if there is three of us or 300, we’re still going to come out here and do what we want to do, do what we have to do,” said Lloyd. 

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