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U.S. Coast Guard plagued by fake distress calls, most on Lake Michigan

Fake distress calls have tripled this boating season.

160 already compared with 55 last year.

It's gotten so bad that the Milwaukee sector of the U.S. Coast Guard is trying to get the word out and implore folks to side with their better nature and don't create a hoax that could take crews away from real emergencies.

Parents are also urged to watch their children and their access to the marine radio.

The warning from Commander Leanne Lusk mentioned a June 3rd incident involving a child from Chicago.

"A distress call was made by a child on a marine radio. Our crew dispatched from Waukegan but experienced a bird strike and had to make an emergency landing."

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

The coast guard says false alarms have also gone out because people are using code words merely to check their radio transmission.

Still, they fear there are others with sinister motives are not appreciating the risk they're creating for the emergency responders.

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