UPS drivers show love for dogs they meet on delivery route

1010 WINS-These UPS drivers are making some truly paw-some friends!

Sean McCarren, a delivery driver for the United Parcel Service (UPS) for 17 years, has started up a Facebook page called ‘UPS Dogs‘ as a way to showcase the adorable canines that drivers across the country meet on their daily routes. 

Sean says dogs frequently jump into their vehicles, expecting goodies… and that sometimes he’ll go through a couple of boxes of treats a week!

Each post on the collaborative page, which is managed by Sean and updated daily, shows just how close these drivers can get with the animal they see on their travels — some even hopping aboard or surrounding their trucks before getting a chance to exit. 

The page, not officially affiliated with UPS but fully endorsed by the company, currently has over 265,000 followers and continues to grow with each pup-tastic post.

Be sure to follow along on Facebook for even more truly tail-wagging tales!

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