UPDATED: Mother Suffocates Two-Year-Old with Plastic Bag

A Sheboygan Falls mother charged with homicide and hiding a corpse made her first court appearance Monday.

27-year-old Katlyn Kinateder was charged with "first degree intentional homicide," and "move/hide/bury corpse of child"

Her bail was set at $750,000. In court, Kinateder's lawyer said she does not have a job, and likely cannot post bond. Her lawyer said Kinateder has no prior record.

Kinateder told police she made the call to 911 on Thursday, August 4, 2016. On the phone with 911, the 27-year-old mother she tells the operator she strangled her son:

"Okay what's the problem?"

"I killed my son."

"You what?"

"I killed my son."

When police arrived, Kinateder was armed with a butcher knife. At first, she ignored officer commands to drop the knife. Later, she laid the knife on the ground. She laid on the ground as officers were placing handcuffs on the woman, and then stood up causing officers to tase her.

Kinateder later told police she armed herself with the knife because she wanted officers to shoot her.

Once in custody, Kinateder told police she killed her 2-year-old son by placing a plastic grocery bag over his head to suffocate him.

Once officers searched the apartment, the child was found in a cardboard box. 

"It was a cardboard box with either a comforter or a blanket over him, and there were two empty cardboard boxes over that box," said Joe DeCecco, Sheboygan County District Attorney

She told police she had “lost my mind.” Kinateder says she stopped taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine 9 months ago because she thought she could "handle it."

"A two year old; children are among the most vulnerable in our society. We're supposed to protect them -- not kill them, and that's alleged what she did here," said DeCecco.

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