UPDATE: Suspect in custody after gunshots lead to hours-long standoff at a Waukesha hotel

UPDATE: Suspect in custody after gunshots lead to hours-long standoff at a Waukesha hotel

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A standoff at a Waukesha hotel ended peacefully Friday evening after a man was holed up inside for more than two and a half hours.

The Waukesha Police Department says officers were called to the hotel because a man was reportedly out of control.

When they approached his door and tried to talk to him, he threatened to kill the officers.

Then they heard two gunshots from inside the room, an officer fired back, and they retreated into the standoff.

Throughout the evening, dozens of armed officers surrounded the hotel with guns drawn, trying to coax a man out of the hotel.

Armed officers pushed the crowd back and across the street, eventually shutting down traffic on Moreland Road as the northeastern edge of Waukesha was brought to a standstill.

CBS 58 heard from two guests who were staying at the hotel at the time of the standoff.

One guest, Genesis Piscitello, was walking to her room on the same floor when she heard police yelling, and a consequent gunshot.

"At that time, I dropped to the ground and kind of army-crawled two doors down," Piscitello said. Soon after, a female officer told her she had to evacuate. "I was a little bit high strung, like holy crap, I can't believe there's a gunshot at the same hall as me."

SWAT teams and tactical vehicles massed at the eastern corner of the building as officers strapped on body armor and shields and drew their weapons.

They periodically approached the building then retreated, but for the most part there was little movement and little noise.

Across the street dozens of gawkers gathered as the tension built.

At roughly 8:00 about two dozen people were evacuated out the lobby and onto a city bus and were driven away to safety.

But some people were still inside, so a Waukesha Fire Department ladder truck was brought in. First responders extended the ladder to a second-floor window and helped two more people evacuate their room.

On the other side of the building, law enforcement used a bullhorn to urge the man to come out peacefully.

Then, shortly after 8:30, armed tactical officers led a man out of the building with his hands behind his back, and into a waiting ambulance. The all-clear was given shortly after.

The Waukesha Police Department says negotiators were eventually able to convince the suspect to surrender peacefully. No officers, hotel guests or the suspect were injured.

Another guest we caught up with on Saturday morning was still shaken up after being too close to the situation for comfort.

O'Brian McLin was approached by police as he was leaving the hotel. He believes he was mistaken for a suspect.

"They were like 'who are you?' I don't know what's going on, I didn't hear any sounds or anything. They had me standing over there with my hands up," McLin said.

Amid the chaos, McLin said he was confused by officers' orders.

"He said something I didn't hear. Then he said, 'did you hear me?' I said no. He said, 'you're good,' at least that's what it sounded like he said," McLin explained.

He said as he reached down to grab a thermos he had dropped and to leave, the officers demanded that he stay put with his hands up.

"I was just a little nervous, trying to make sure I didn't move, like look, I'm complying, whatever you want me to do," McLin said.

Shortly after, McLin said police checked his identification and let him go, telling him to leave the hotel, as guests were being evacuated.

After a two and a half hour standoff, the actual suspect surrendered peacefully.

McLin said he was surprised by the police presence, and happy they were able to apprehend the correct suspect.

"Luckily, nothing happened to me, and luckily nobody got hurt."

The 44-year-old suspect is not being identified at this time.

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