UPDATE: Sheriff Responds After Burlington Explosion Victim's Daughter Questions if Mother was Found

Family members of the woman who died in the Burlington home explosion are questioning the Racine County Sheriff’s release today.

Racine County Sheriff’s Office said they found the remains of Kimberly Howe, Nicholas Chaulkin and Craig Lambert at the scene.

Howe's daughter, Tamara Burgos said she doesn't believe the sheriff's office found her mother's remains.

Burgos says investigators told her yesterday they were not able to find her mother's teeth or any jewelry she was wearing.

She said that's a big reason why she believes her mother is still alive.

"Where's chunks of her body? There would still be something. There is no humanly possible way that if the cats didn't vaporize… that if Craig at the source of the fire didn't vaporize… the dogs didn't vaporize… there's no way possible way my mom vaporized,” said Burgos.

Burgos also said she doesn't believe the first body pulled from the fire was her brother, Nicholas.

She said investigators told her DNA did not match.

The Sheriff in Racine County,Christopher Schmaling,  issued the following response:

"I know the media likes the next controversy, but let's not pit a grieving family clearly in denial against the hard-working law enforcement professionals who worked around the clock to provide closure for the victims' families. 

The evidence is clear and not fabricated.  We have human remains that were badly destroyed in a fire and explosion that were identified by DNA. 

Perhaps you should direct your story on how the community can prevent something like this happen again."

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