UPDATE: Police Search for Suspect After Attempted Sexual Assault in Grant Park

UPDATE: A South Milwaukee woman escaped an attempted sexual assault in Grant Park Tuesday night and police are searching for the suspect.

It happened just before 9:30 pm, when the park was still open. The 19-year-old victim left the main beach and was walking home on the sidewalk near the clubhouse and chipping green. Police say the suspect knocked her down from behind.

“She was able to break free of this individual and ran in to a roadway, flagged down a car and was able to get to safety,” said South Milwaukee Police Chief Ann Wellens.

The driver of the car drove the victim home and she called police.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male 20 to 30 years old, between 6’ 2” and 6’ 4”, weighing about 350 pounds. He was wearing red basketball shorts, a dark shirt and had scabs on his shins.

“We are advising our residents or individuals who frequent the park to be aware of their surroundings,” Chief Wellens said. “Pay attention. If you see something suspicious, immediately contact law enforcement.”

Still Chief Wellens says what happened is rare- police are always patrolling the park and it is safe.

People on the beach say they will be cautious.

“Make sure you always have a cell phone in hand and if you could come with other people, it'd be best,” said Stephanie Rivera.

“Makes me worry, makes me not wanna be out in the sidewalk part to much,” added Cassandra Rojas.

But both say they still consider it a great family hangout and will not be afraid to continue using the park.

An attempted sexual assault occurred in Grant Park in South Milwaukee on Tuesday.

According to South Milwaukee Police Department, a female victim reported she was walking on the sidewalk and noticed a subject following her.

The subject waited until she was in a dimly lit area and then hit the victim from behind.

During the attempted assault the victim was able to flee from the subject.

The subject was described as a Hispanic male. He was 6-feet 2-inches to 6-feet 4-inches tall. He had a heavy build and weighed around 350 pounds.

He was wearing red basketball shorts and dark t-shirt. He had no facial hair and no glasses on.

The victim described the subject’s hairstyle as short on the sides and longer in the front.

If any person knows the subject associated with the attempted assault they are asked to contact South Milwaukee Police at 414-768-8060.

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