UPDATE: Pewaukee Homecoming Game Rescheduled

Classes are cancelled Friday across all campuses in the Pewaukee school district. The trouble began with a shooting threat at Pewaukee High School

Campus activities ended at 8 PM last night after the freshman football game. The homecoming game which was supposed to happen Friday night has bee postponed until Saturday at 1 PM.

In a letter to parents Thursday the Pewaukee Superintendent said a disturbing note was found at Pewaukee High School. The note said "There will be a school shooting on Friday, October 2nd."

After reporting the suspicious note to police, the district was told to cancel all classes and activities on Friday as a precaution.

While some parents applaud this decision others think it's too much to cancel homecoming festivities. The homecoming dance is still on schedule for Saturday night.

There will be increased police presence at the Homecoming game and dance to ensure everyone is safe.

All classes are scheduled to resume on Monday.

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