UPDATE: Olivia Munn Said She is Not Engaged

UPDATE: Olivia Munn posted on Instagram on Tuesday that she was not engaged. 

She posted a photo of a text message between her mother and her over the engagement. 

Munn's Mom: "Oh man you engagement?? You know we love Aaron. I pray say thanks for him all the times. I bet Chance happy. Hey why don't you tell me first? :)"

Munn: "Oh my gosh Mom no. You know you shouldn't believe gossip on the internet. If I was engaged, I promise you'd be the like the 8th person to know. Maybe 9th. But definitely way before the internet. 

ORIGINAL: Sorry ladies, it looks like Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may be off the market.

OK Magazine is reporting that Rodgers proposed to girlfriend Olivia Munn recently, asking permission from her family and then proposing "over a romantic dinner." The magazine also says the wedding will take place in Rodgers' hometown of Chico, California.

The couple has been dating since 2014. They have not yet confirmed the engagement rumors.

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