UPDATE: Caregiver Taken into Custody Following Infant Death

Twyla Will, the owner and operator, of Child Care with a Twist, located at 8624 W. Arden Place, was taken into custody by MPD for neglect on July 1 and released that night. The District Attorney is reviewing the case for criminal charges.

According to the Medical Examiner's report, on June 30th Will called 911 after finding the four month old infant, Payton McCoy, unresponsive and blue. An engine company responded and found the infant somewhat stiff. They began an IV and bagged the infant with an oral airway. Payton's glucose was low, he had no cardiac response and his death was pronounced at 3:17 PM. 

The report states Will had put the infant down for a nap on a pillow on top of a twin bed and checked on him every thirty minutes. Shortly after noon, Will went in the room and found the infant out of the pillow, face down, with his head against the wall and unresponsive. The Medical Examiner noted the infant had a circular possible contusion located on his forehead that according to his mother was not there before. 

Police believe Twyla Will was not truthful about the times she checked on the infant and that she was possibly caring for too many children. She was caring for nine children the day the incident occurred. Child Care with a Twist has been operated for ten years in the same home. Will was not licensed.

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