UPDATE: Are internet crimes against children being missed in Wisconsin?

UPDATE: MILWAUKEE- Christopher Kosakoski appeared in a Milwaukee courtroom on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

He was scheduled for a mental health evaluation and will be back in court in March.

The DOJ said Tuesday:

\"There is a team of agents specifically assigned to this area of investigation – our Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  Supervisors make decisions based on caseload where specific cases are best assigned and then those special agents, who are assigned the cases, in coordination with their supervisors determine which cases get worked first, depending on a number of factors related to the case.  The objective is to work all cases; however, factors in each case determine its priority.  Regardless, the Turk and Kosakoski cases were not addressed as they should’ve been, which is why a thorough review is ongoing and appropriate administrative action is being taken.\"

MILWAUKEE- Internet Crimes Against Children have been a priority for the State Department of Justice, but some cases may be falling through the cracks.

On Tuesday, Christopher Kosakoski will have a hearing in Milwaukee.

In 2010 the DOJ received a cyber tip about Kosakoski, but it wasn't until January of 2014 that a special agent was assigned to the case.

Then, it wasn't until just last week that Kosakoski was finally arrested and charged with 13 counts of possessing child porn.

It's a time line the DOJ said is unacceptable and now being addressed.

And that wasn't the first time something like this has happened.

Also in 2010, the Department of Justice got a tip about 37-year-old Robert Turk.

It took nearly three years for the DOJ to follow up and as a result of the delay, Turk wound up with a plea deal, walked out of court a free man, and avoided having his name added to the state's sex offender registry.

Turk was initially charged with 5 counts of possessing child pornogpahy before the plea deal.

Turk received three months probation and nine months conditional jail time with release time for schooling and work.

CBS 58's original report on Turk: HERE

The Department of Justice sent CBS 58 a statement about Turk and Kosakoski that said:

 \"The circumstances surrounding the inappropriate delay in the Turk case are under review.  The case did not receive as prompt attention and follow-up as it should have received.  As part of the intensive review currently underway, administrative action, including possible disciplinary action, will be considered and taken as deemed appropriate.\"

They went on to add.

\"As you know, ICAC [internet crimes against children] is among the DOJ’s top priorities and the specific circumstances related to the Turk and Kosakoski matters are unacceptable and are being addressed, as previously indicated.  Handling the heavy volume of ICAC tips is an ongoing, high priority issue; however, the circumstances related to these cases are exceptional and being investigated.\" 

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