UPDATE: A second person confirmed dead in Illinois tornado

 Two people are now confirmed dead in Fairdale, IL after multiple tornadoes touched down in northern Illinois.

The two victims are reportedly women who were friends and next door neighbors.

At least 11 people were hurt.

The search for others throughout Northern Illinois went on all day Friday.

\"We have a couple of people that we know that are unaccounted for,\" explained Sheriff Roger Scott of Dekalb County. \"We're working with the fire department on that.\"

The National Weather Service says the tornado in Fairdale was an EF-4 with winds between 180 and 200 miles per hour.

This is new video of the damage in Rochelle, Illinois, where a restaurant was leveled. You can see the extensive destruction this storm caused, crews had to search for people who were trapped, but we've heard that everyone was found safely. Those who live in this community say it was a frightening event.

\"We pulled in here and ran inside. Got a couple of pictures of the tornado right across the street from us here. The owner said 'in the basement!' and we went down in the basement. Twelve of us, in the basement until they finally got us opened up to come out,\" Raymond Kramer, a Rochelle resident said.

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