Unsealed Search Warrant Says Sylville Smith Pointed Gun at Officers Before he was Shot and Killed

One day after he was charged with raping two men, we're learning more about what police say happened just moments before Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown shot and killed Sylville Smith.

An unsealed search warrant outlines what police believe led to the now-suspended officer pulling the trigger.

A few days ago we learned there were drugs, cell phones, and a pistol in the car that smith was in when it was stopped on August 13.

But a newly released warrant tells us even more.

It details the probable cause investigators used to get the warrant, including a description of smith running from police with a gun in his hand.

There was at least one other officer besides Heaggan-Brown chasing Smith at the time.

The warrant also says Smith fell and then got back to his feet, turned towards the officers while picking up the handgun from the ground and raised the gun in the direction of the officers. 

That's when police say heaggan brown shot smith

These details are unrelated to the suspension of Heaggan-Brown, who was just charged yesterday with two counts of sexual assault.

Any charges connected to Sylville Smith's death will be up to the Milwaukee County District Attorney. 

He's still reviewing the case.

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