Unruly weather disrupts first day of Milwaukee Air & Water Show

NOW: Unruly weather disrupts first day of Milwaukee Air & Water Show

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- To the disappointment of some, the weather impacted the start of this year’s Milwaukee Air & Water Show.

A part of it was canceled because of the conditions.

“The water portion was canceled basically because of the winds, the rough seas. Coast Guard advised to keep against it, pretty rough out there,” said Herb Hunter, Air & Water Show Announcer.

Because of the choppy waves, no boats or divers were out on the lake. Unruly conditions caused the same problems a few years ago.

This time around, some people noticed fewer crowds.

“Where are all the people?” asked Juanita Rodriguez. “I can’t believe it. There’s so much money that goes into this event, and there’s nobody here."

However, once the air show took off, everyone’s attention turned to the sky. Some kids who attended told CBS 58 their favorite parts.

“When the jets fly over the beach.”

“I think my favorite part is the whole thing, I just love watching the planes do their tricks, and go upside down and do all those cool twists,” added another.

Despite the turn of events, a second full day is scheduled for Sunday. Organizers are hoping for a big turnout.

For more information, visit: https://milwaukeeairshow.com/

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