Union Grove Woman Charged After Embezzling $86K from Walmart

RACINE COUNTY - Detectives with the Mount Pleasant Police Department began an investigation into an embezzlement complaint initiated by Walmart's Global Investigations Department in December of the last year.

Walmart conducted an internal review of potential payroll fraud and identified Kris Campbell as a person potentially engaging in payroll fraud. She worked for the Walmarts in Sturtevant and West Milwaukee.

Global Investigations determined that Campbell was compensated for bereavement, jury duty, and reporting pay from March 8th, 2013 to August 19th, 2016. Campbell was compensated with over $86K of unearned benefits for 4,418 hours of unearned benefit time during that period.

Walmart requires supporting documentation for jury duty and bereavement pay but Campbell's file did not contain any of this.

The investigator for Walmart spoke to Campbell regarding the potential payroll fraud. Campbell admitted that she received the 86 thousand into her bank accounts. Campbell admitted that she did not take any steps to return the unearned funds. She admitted to the investigators that she was having financial difficulties and was delinquent on her taxes. Campbell, however, denied entering the unauthorized hours herself. 

No consent was given for Campbell to receive the unauthorized payroll funds from Walmart. She now faces charges of Theft of a Moveable Property > $10,000. Campbell's Preliminary Hearing will be March 22nd. 

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