Union Grove Man Surprised with Party at Froedtert Hospital

It's not often a cancer patient reporting for chemo gets this kind of reception.

It sure was for Frank Lamping. 

The Union Grove Man was recently named the newest member of the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame. 

Frank's undergoing chemotherapy at Froedtert Hospital for prostate cancer.

He thought he was just going for a routine chemo treatment.

The staff has gotten to know "Uncle Frank" in the past few years.

The staff threw him a party.

“Wherever I go in Froedtert no matter chemo people, doctors, nurses, they're just so nice they just treat you like gold and it helps what's going on in me, it helps me get through it, anyway just great people,” said Frank.

Frank had all the doctors and nurses who've helped him through treatment sign his shirt. he thanked them all for their support and helping to keep his spirits high.

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