Uber Teams Up With Passport Health to Provide Free Flu Shots

Ride sharing service Uber teamed up with Passport Health to deliver free flu shots from a registered nurse on Thursday from 11am to 3pm. 

A total of 4 nurses traveled around several cities, including Milwaukee, delivering wellness packs for $10. They include items to keep customers warm and healthy during the winter months including hand sanitizer and gloves. Nurses are also provided flu shots for those who wanted them.

Last year Uber tested a similar program, but this was the first year it was rolled out to Milwaukee.

Both Uber and Passport Health say they want to provide the service for convenience.

"I hear a lot of excuses on why people don't get their flu shot and one of them is access. They don't want to make an appointment for the doctor or they don't want to wait in line at a clinic. and this is a great opportunity. we show up at their house or at their place of work or wherever they want us to do it. And it works out really good and we're there in minutes," said Corey McVey, Executive Director of Passport Health Chicago and Wisconsin.

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