Uber App Changes Spark Privacy Concerns

Changes to the Uber app have some people concerns for their privacy, but the company says any new features are in the name of customer service.

The app is a go-to for people out and about in need of a ride. Recently, however, the app's GPS has upped its tracking -- meaning it can continue to track users for five minutes after their ride ends. 

"It’s certainly becoming more precise and utilized in a more convenient fashion," said MATC IT Specialist Jonathan Arnold. "For Uber, for example, drivers will know where you are."

Tech experts like Arnold say this is just something users will have to get used to. 

"Usually when we use these apps we use them for convenience," he said. "We have to make a decision, is the convenience factor something that we’re willing to use?"

Uber says anyone who doesn't want to be tracked can simply turn off the function by swiping to the settings feature on their phone. The app will still work, but you will have to type in addresses manually. 

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