Two Waukesha Men Charged with Stealing Two Chalices worth $50,000

Two Waukesha men are accused of stealing the two chalices from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on January 16.

According to the criminal complaint, the two chalices were worth $50,000.

The chalices were locked in a safe that was bolted to the inside of a closet.

Vincent Daniels and Travis Heath allegedly stole the safe expecting cash to be inside.

Daniels and Heath are charged with burglary of a building and theft of movable property.

The two chalices that were stolen from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Waukesha were recovered on Monday.

Heath allegedly told his girlfriend he was going to hell.

According to Waukesha Police Department continued its efforts on locating these stolen chalices and apprehending the suspects responsible for the burglary.

Over the weekend, a tip led detectives to the two suspects.

Investigators recovered both chalices in Milwaukee late Monday night. 

One of the chalices was found at 47th Street and Hampton near a residence and the other was located outside a Cash for Gold Pawn Shop on 27th Street and State Street. 

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