Two Racine County prison workers accused of sexually assaulting inmate

RACINE COUNTY --  33-year-old Lisa Hawkins and 40-year-old Karina Herrera both face criminal charges after allegedly having sexual contact with an inmate while working at the Racine Correctional Institution.

According to court documents both Hawkins and Herrera engaged in sexual activity with an inmate by the name of Marion Barrios. Both women worked at the Racine Correctional Institution as nurses in the Health Services Unit.

Barrios told investigators he began to engage Herrera in conversation while he was on custodial duty. During one conversation Herrera allegedly had Barrios remember her phone number. He alleges Herrera brought him nude photographs of herself.

During an interview Barrios said Herrera brought him a black pouch containing a cell phone. Barrios admitted to law enforcement he used the cell phone numerous times. He said one day Herrera called him and told him correctional staff were coming for his cell phone.

Correctional staff did find his cell phone charger and nude photos allegedly given to him by Herrera. They also found three micro SD cards. Barrios gave the cell phone to another inmate and told him to get rid of it before it could be found.

The Racine County Sheriff's Department reports the memory cards contained pictures and videos of Herrera engaged in sexual acts with Barrios inside the prison walls. Investigators also found video of Hawkins and Barrios engaged in sexual acts.

Herrera is charged with second degree sexual assault by correctional staff and deliver illegal articles to inmate. If convicted, she could spend up to 43.5 years in prison.

Hawkins is charged with second degree sexual assault by correctional staff and obstructing an officer. If convicted, she could serve up to 40 years and nine months in prison.



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