Two People shot on 8th and Keefe

Several officers spent hours on scene at 8th and Keefe Sunday afternoon, responding to a shooting where two people, including a teenager were shot.  According to the Milwaukee Police Department, a 20-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl were shot during an argument with two known suspects.

It was a surprise for neighbors who were getting ready for church this Easter Sunday, but many said constant crime in that area is starting to become the norm.

"I already put on Facebook already, that in on my way to church, here I am going out the door, all I hear was pow, pow, pow! I was like oh my God, they shooting on Easter," said neighbor Melanie Anderson.

Police say it happened around three this afternoon in the area of N 8th Street and W Keefe Avenue.

Around half a dozen cars and nearly a dozen officers spoke with people in the area to figure out what went wrong.

"It ain't even worth walking. You don't know if your going to get shot or hit by a car. The world is coming to an end," said Charlene Lewis, neighbor.

"We're used to hearing shots around here. It's nothing new," said neighbor Colby. 

The victims were sent to the hospital and neighbors said this area has become a danger zone.

"It's wild, it's rough, it's tough. A lot of people are moving away from here," said Lewis. 

The teenager was sent to Children's Hospital and the adult was sent to Froedert. 

Police are still investigating and searching for the known suspects.

Neighbors said they're hearing that the crime may be drug related. 

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