Two Milwaukee Residents Robbed on Oak Leaf Trail

Two Milwaukee residents were robbed on the Oak Leaf trail near Estabrook Park around 5:30 PM on Monday, according to Shorewood Police.

This occurred on the concrete foot bridge which is between the Milwaukee River and Estabrook Parkway on the 4000 block. 

According to a release, as the two were crossing the bridge, they were approached from behind by a man, unknown race, wearing black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

The man held what was described as a "hard object" against the back of one of the victim's heads and demanded their property.

After obtaining property, the man told the victims to keep walking and not turn around. This incident was reported to the police approximately 20-minutes after occurring. 

Shorewood Police said incidents like this occurring on the Oak Leaf Trail are rare.

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