Two Milwaukee educators on the list of speakers for DNC

NOW: Two Milwaukee educators on the list of speakers for DNC

MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) – Two Milwaukee educators are among the list of speakers scheduled for the virtual DNC.

CBS 58 spoke with the women who shared their excitement about being selected.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect,” says Luz Hernandez, a bilingual teacher with MPS. “I’ve never done anything like this.”

Luz Hernandez is a bilingual educator who’s going into her 25th year of teaching.

She’s now taking her passion for teaching to stand in support of Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

“I’m very hopeful that with him being elected president we can get public education the resources that we need,” says Hernadez.

Hernandez says this selection came after being referred by her union. She’s an active member of the MTEA, Milwaukee Teachers Education Association.

Hernandez hopes her message can help sway voters while sharing a bit of her personal story.

“When I teach my bilingual students-that’s me when I first came to this country at seven years of age,” says Hernadez. “This is my way of me giving back to my people, my community.”

“I want people to realize what everyday people go through when it comes insurance,” says Julie Buckholt, a retired MPS teacher.

Buckholt will also be speaking during the DNC, sharing her struggles with an autoimmune disease and why she believes it’s important to keep the Affordable Care Act.

“One of the medications that we have to have in order to continue on with our lives is $16,000 weekly,” says Buckholt. “If I did not get mine weekly I would not be sitting here right now.”

Both educators say they’re excited to potentially be a part of a change in the county’s narrative.

Along with sharing these two stories, the DNC committee says they will be featuring nearly 1,000 crowd sourced videos that were submitted during an online engagement campaign.

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