Two men now charged with stealing tires and rims from cars

NOW: Two men now charged with stealing tires and rims from cars

Two men were in court, accused of stealing tires and rims off dozens of cars in Milwaukee and selling them online.

According to the judge, the crime has been the talk of the town.

There were 51 incidents between January and April, 30 of those happened in downtown Milwaukee.

Randy Rivera plead guilty to one of those on Tuesday afternoon. On March 10th, he stole the tires and rims from a Honda Fit in the Astor Hotel Parking Lot.

This is Rivera's first offense so he is expected to serve 20 days in jail and spend a year on probation but he has to complete a number of conditions or he'll be serving time instead. 

"You may be selling tires. You may just be stealing some rims but I can tell you that the people having to deal with it miss appointments, can't get to work, can't get their families to the doctors, can't go get groceries. They have to then take all of their savings and put those tires back on their vehicles so you're essentially stealing their daily lives from them," said Milwaukee County Judge Pedro Colon.

Rivera's counterpart, Erick Rosado-Cruz is charged with four thefts. His plea hearing was rescheduled for another day. 

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