Two charged for murder of Glendale man

 MILWAUKEE - Charges are now filed against two suspects in the death of Peter Holzberger of Glendale. 28 year old Robert Christophel of Milwaukee and 25 year old Nicholas Retzlaff of Bayside are each charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide party to a crime for Holzberger's death. Police say the suspects went to Holzberger's Glendale home on November 5th to burglarize it. During the crime, Christophel encountered Holzberger, put him in a choke hold and broke his neck. The two tied a bungee cord around Holzberger's neck, brought him to the basement and tied his hands to his feet. They covered the body with boxes. Holzberger was reported missing and his body was found inside his home on Wednesday. On Tuesday night, police tracked down Retzlaff in a van on 46th and North Avenue. After a 30 minute high speed chase police arrested Retzlaff at 41st and National Avenue. Police took Christophel into custody for the crime on Wednesday at Mayfair Mall. If convicted both men face life in prison.  


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