Two boys recovering after being shot inside car Monday night

NOW: Two boys recovering after being shot inside car Monday night

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Two young boys are recovering after being shot while sitting inside a car on Milwaukee’s north side.

It happened Monday night at 26th and Concordia.

The children’s grandfather says the boys needed surgery but are doing okay. He also says the whole family is shaken up and believes this was a case of mistaken identity.

The grandfather of 8-year-old Curtis Deberry and 9-year-old Aries Logan says the boys were in a car with their mom, grandmother, a family friend, and another child when the shooting happened.

The family says the car was waiting at a stop sign around 8:30 Monday night when someone in a white car with tinted windows drove up and started shooting.

One boy was shot in the thigh and the same bullet grazed the other boy in the arm before it ended up lodged in the back seat.

“My wife, she came home and my daughter, screaming, ‘the boys just got shot.’ My grandkids just got shot,” the boys’ grandfather said. “It’s wild over here man. It’s wild. Every day, somebody is shooting over here.”

Police were on scene for hours searching for answers.

"I'm really concerned about the kids. They can go to the corner store and get something to drink and get shot. It's real bad over here, " said neighbor Angela Avery. 

"My mom just dropped off snacks for them yesterday. That's just crazy. Our kids are getting touched right now," said Clarissa Bates who is a family friend. 

The boys' grandfather has a message for the person who fired the shots. 

"Stop this violence. All this shooting, riding around shooting. That's what we need. Stop this violence."

Police are still looking for a suspect. The grandfather says the boys should be out of the hospital by the end of the week.

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