Turbo Tax resumes processing state returns after brief suspension

Turbo Tax briefly suspended processing state returns after a rise in reports for fraud. As of Friday evening, the popular tax preparation program resumed processing returns, but the Wisconsin Department of Revenue says officials are on alert.

"One of the things we do in Wisconsin is take big measures to protect your identity," said Stephanie Marquis, Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Officials say some taxpayers could be asked to verify their identity.

"If returns are going through now and we think that maybe the person filing isn't you, we can essentially match that up with our data, and we may send you a quiz and ask you to answer some questions that only you would know the answer to," said Marquis.

The Department of Revenue estimates the 4-question quiz saved taxpayers nearly $50 Million in fraudulent or inappropriately filed claims, and this year-- they're not just looking at Turbo Tax.

"Wisconsin we don't just look at one type of software, we look at them all, we look at paper, we look at all those type of things," said Marquis.

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