"Trump has got to go"; Protesters line Street outside Waukesha Co. Expo Center

About 50 demonstrators gathered outside Donald Trump's Waukesha rally Wednesday to night to protest his visit to Waukesha County. 

Waukesha County hasn't voted for a democrat for president in over 50 years, so the group faced an up-hill battle.

     "This is a difficult place to be in if you're not a republican," said Bernie Gonzalez, "But we got a great turnout and we're very happy with the people that showed up."

Interactions between protesters and supporters remained peaceful, with the occasional back-and-forth heckle as people streamed into the event. 

     "There's some of them that give us the middle finger," says Gonzalez. "You can see the tension and the hate, and that's something Donald Trump created." 

Others like Shana Harvey were hoping to sway a few votes, in a presidential race that remains close. 

     "There's no other choice. What we're chanting here is 'when human rights are under attack, what do you do, stand up fight back." 

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