Trump campaign makes its case in Wisconsin Supreme Court

NOW: Trump campaign makes its case in Wisconsin Supreme Court

MADISON, WI (CBS 58) -- The Trump campaign argued before the Wisconsin Supreme Court fraud occurred in the 2020 Wisconsin presidential election because laws were not followed.

It wants more than 220,000 ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties tossed out.

The justices had clear concerns with both the Trump and Biden legal claims. Some struggled with whether state law was followed. Others believe the case is full of balogna.

"It is not governance from a king, and what you want is for us to overturn and election so your king can stay in power," said Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky.

Karofsky showed little patience for the Trump campaign's legal arguments seeking to toss out hundreds of thousands of ballots.

"This smacks of racism and I do not know how you can come before this court and possibly ask us for a remedy that is unheard of," said Karofsky.

Trump campaign attorney Jim Troupis said the clerks did not follow the law. He argued state law makes clear those ballots, including his own, should not be counted.

"These matters are likely to reoccur and we certainly do not want future elections to be carried out under these kinds of circumstances," said Troupis.

Biden campaign attorney John Devaney argued decades of Wisconsin court decisions defer to voters even when elections officials make mistakes.

"If a voter relied on that, and voted according to the law in effect at the time he or she voted, that vote should be counted," said Devaney.

Chief Justice Patience Roggensack raised concerns with a Madison ballot collecting event.

"My concern is that this is early voting," said Roggensack.

Justice Rebecca Bradley grilled the Biden campaign's assertion the president raised these challenges too late.

"The president's challenges are based on his assertions that the law was not followed," said Bradley.

The justices held a conference mid afternoon on Saturday. A ruling could come at any time.

The Biden campaign asked for a ruling by Monday when the presidential electors cast their ballots. The Trump campaign says the court can rule by January when Congress open them.

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