Trump, Biden campaigns try to win votes during final debate

NOW: Trump, Biden campaigns try to win votes during final debate

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The final presidential debate of 2020 is in the books, and it's now up to campaigns to try to win votes from here on out. 

Voters are already going to the Zeidler Center in Milwaukee to cast their votes, and there was record absentee voting before Thursday night's debate.

But both campaigns are still trying to win those last-minute votes.

There was minimal watch party action in the Milwaukee area for the final debate. 

The only one was from the Trump campaign in Germantown, where about 20 people gathered to watch the president.

"I like getting together with people, and I thought it would be kind of interesting to get the comments from everybody that's here," said Trump supporter Bob Williams.

"I think that we're pretty smart about figuring out if we should be together or not be together," said Kathy Kiernan, Republican Party of Wisconsin 5th District chair. "I think if I was sick today, I would be staying home."

The Biden campaign did not host a local watch party, but South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg did tour Wisconsin to stump for Joe Biden.

"Think about how it will feel to turn on the TV, see the president and feel your blood pressure go down a little bit, instead of up through the room," said Mayor Buttigieg.

Microphones were muted this time around after plenty of interruption in the first debate.

Buttigieg says Joe Biden embodies "Midwest nice" in a way President Trump does not.

"He's just kind of got that basic humility that I think is important to our culture here in the Midwest," he said.

Viewers at the Trump watch party say Biden was the reason the previous debate became chaotic, and they enjoyed the new format.

"It seems it's more of a civil atmosphere for both of them. And they both seem a little more, I guess, well-rested," said Washington County Republican Party Chair Jim Geldreich. 

The push for votes continues this weekend when President Donald Trump speaks in Waukesha Saturday night.

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