'Travel is back': Memorial Day expected to see most travelers since pre-pandemic

’Travel is back’: Memorial Day expected to see most travelers since pre-pandemic

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Memorial Day weekend is expected to see the most travelers since the pandemic started, according to American Automobile Association (AAA).

AAA predicts more than 740,000 Wisconsinites will go somewhere for the holiday.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) anticipates more than 13,000 people will fly through General Mitchell International Airport on Friday, May 27, the busiest day for travel this holiday weekend.

"This is kind of the kickoff to the summer travel season. We're expecting increased passenger volume all the way through Labor Day," TSA Regional Spokesperson Jessica Mayle said.

She recommends passengers arrive two hours before takeoff.

"Everyone's got staffing concerns and processes are slow sometimes with ticketing, and then of course, through security checkpoints," Assistant Federal Security Director Tim Goodman said.

TSA encourages passengers to pack smart. Don't bring prohibited items through security.

AAA predicts more than 3 million people will fly nationwide this weekend.

"We're not going to exceed 2019 necessarily, but we are approaching those pre-pandemic passenger numbers, and that trend is going to continue through the summer," Mayle said.

About 90 percent of people will drive to their holiday destination, despite record high gas prices, according to AAA. On average, a gallon of gas is $4.28 in Wisconsin.

The travel company found the average lowest airfare is six percent more expensive than last year, with hotel rates also shooting up.

"Travel is back. Crowds are back," Mayle said. "Give yourself plenty of time and don't be caught off guard."

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