Traffic no big deal for Brewers faithful

Thousands of people made their way to Miller Park over the course of this morning, so of course that means tens of thousands of cars all end up trying to leave at nearly the same time, causing back-ups. 

It was smooth sailing on the way to Brewer's Opening Day though. 

\"No problem at all, we got in here in about 15 mins,\" said one fan. 

The D.O.T. tells us since the zipper merge closes parts of I-94 West, they didn't anticipate any big back-ups for opening day. Then again, some people planned ahead.

\"It was awesome! We came in this way, got in here fast. Of course, we did leave at 9 AM,\"said one fan.  

But still, there's a ton of cars at Miller park during the game, so the question begs to be asked, how will the roads be when all these cars leave? 
\" We will probably try to get out earlier so we can avoid all that traffic,\" said a Brewers fan. 

The D.O.T. says its rush hour, so construction or not, roads will be backed up, so plan an alternate route. 

\"We don't need to take the interstate home. We can just take side streets home. So it's really not that bad,\" said one driver.  

Or an alternate method?

\"Yeah, i rode my bike. I ride 12 blocks here and then 12 blocks home. I skipped probably about 100 cars,\" said one fan. 

Traffic headaches? What traffic headaches?  Brewers fans say they can't be bothered. 

\"It's opening day, It's part of the fun it doesn't matter,\" said a fan. 

They've got more important things to worry about. 

\"I'm not worried about that. I'm more  worried that I might miss part of the Badger game if they go into extra innings,\" said another fan. 

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