Tracking Air Pollution with A Smart Phone

Air pollution is constantly in a state of flux.  It changes throughout the day, depending on time and location.  This means health risks associated with this state of the atmosphere can change as well.  

Now, some scientists are using smart phones and sensor technology to track where pollution is peaking.  The research involved more than 50 Spanish school-aged children.  Beside the phones, they were also fitted with sensors set to track levels of black carbon in the air.  The data determined these kids received most of their exposure to black carbon while traveling to and from school.  

These findings could help pave the way for better navigation through certain areas for at-risk individuals. The data could also lead to some sort of real-time information of air pollution in cities, prompting better urban planning.  

The sensors are said to cost thousands of dollars, so the likelihood of public distribution is not probable, at least now.

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