Tory Lowe Walks to Chicago in a "Human Lives Matter" T-Shirt

A community activist is once again walking from Milwaukee to Chicago to raise awareness about violence in America.

Tory Lowe has done this before. 

Last year he started at city hall. 

On Tuesday he set out from Bay View.  

He's dramatizing the search for peace on the streets.  

In Chicago, he plans to meet with activists to see if they can come up with possible solutions together.   He started his walk wearing a shirt with the message "human lives matter."

"We're all human.  We're all one race.  And if we don't start thinking like that, we're all gonna fall victim to the racism and the sickness and the segregation and the discrimination  that is the sickness of America.  Segregation is America's sickness and what we gotta do is focus on human life,” said Tory Lowe.

Lowe plans to walk to Racine by tonight and walk 17 miles a day until he reaches Chicago.

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