Tony Evers calls Foxconn deal a "Hail Mary Pass"

NOW: Tony Evers calls Foxconn deal a “Hail Mary Pass“

He may be soft spoken but Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Tony Evers had his own way to come out swinging after officially declaring his run for Governor.

"His record is significantly flawed," Evers said of incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker. "I think Foxconn is a Hail Mary Pass to be honest with you."

Evers arrived to the CBS 58 News studios shortly after making his formal bid public in a Madison area playground.

He won statewide election three times to run Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction and is confident he can emerge victorious from the primary.

He doesn't believe the Foxconn deal will be the golden ticket for Governor Walker's re-election.

"We have a 25 year return on investment when other places and states require a three to five year return investment," says Evers. "I think it's a bit of a Hail Mary Pass."

Evers says he's running on a campaign of investing in people.

"It became clear to me that if we are going to change the direction of this state that we need a new governor."

He rule out restoring collective bargaining rights for state works in the early part of his term should he win election.

But he says he will do what he can to ensure teachers have a say and voice in what goes on in their classroom.

He also says he wants to improve wages for the middle class.

He says he's also open to increasing the gas tax to pay for transporation

"One of the first things I'll do is governor is sit down with republicans and say we will not doing any more bonding for road projects."

Evers says he is open to increase the gas tax to help pay for road construction.

"I'm taking a position that I'm open to anything. The governor has never taken that position."

Evers says he is also open to allowing Milwaukee to hold a referendum on a public safety tax to fund police and fire.

"The amount of money that goes to Madison that comes from Milwaukee is significant and not returning in the same fashion in any way."

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