Tomah VA Dentist Under Investigation for Not Meeting Cleaning Standards

(WSAW) -- "We are going above and behind for anything possible," said Tomah VA
acting medical center director after sharing that a dentist failed to meet the VA cleaning standards.

In news conference Tuesday, Victoria Brahm said 592 veterans that received dental care from the dentist will receive free screenings for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV after a dental assistant reported the dentist did not properly clean a dental instrument. Brahm said the dentist said the instrument may have been cleaned, but the cleaning did not meet the VA's standards.

Brahm said 54 veterans that received care from bridge and crown work received phone calls about the issue. She said the other affected veterans will receive a letter. Brahm reiterated that risk for infection is extremely low. The incident was reported Oct. 20. An investigation began Oct. 21.

The goal of the news conference was to remain transparent, she said.

Veterans that have questions may call a free 24/7 hotline at 888- 598-7793.

"I pray no one has an infection," Brahm ended.

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